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Amberley Park

Malcolm & Carol Cock

“Amberley Park”, 2620 Grand Ridge Rd., Hallston, Vic. 3953

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             BULL SHEET                     

No.4   January 2008 

Carol & I hope this letter finds you well and that you had a good Spring and may 2008 be good for all.

 Beef Week: Amberley Park is part of Beef Week once again. So all are invited  to visit on:

Day 7, Sunday 3rd February. If you can’t make it  on Sunday, you are welcome any other time, and if you need directions or have other queries, please give us a call.

 Sale Toppers:

Clients Joyce & Fred Muller like most people have had a very hard time with the drought (as per T shirt) but it would appear by the smiles that they are happy with the performance of their calves at the Yea Sale. Nearby winery Tahbilk  produces a great Shiraz. Hard to beat the combination of top beef & wine! 

 Female Selection (I’m talking about cattle only!!!) ‘workshop’ at Amberley Park: held in August on a cool day (hard to believe in the current heat!) with approx 25 beef producers attending. Feedback was positive and I also enjoyed presenting it! Thanks to DPI for support. 

Genetic Treasure Hunt in Scotland:

With all breeds, I believe that it is important to maintain a wide spread in the gene pool. The selection criteria for beef production in the areas of: environment, markets and production are always changing. For example there is doubt re economics of feeding grain to cattle instead of vehicles or heaven forbid, people! Now off the soapbox: we again saw some great Galloway cattle in Scotland, including some bulls that would suit our requirements at Amberley Park. We saw some very nice Angus X Galloway (Buchan Blacks or should I call them Scottish Black) Cows with Blonde calves at foot at Alastair & Claire Gourlay’s hill farm. See below.   A big thankyou to all who hosted us in Scotland. 

Preg Testing:

A good cost benefit practice? It is, if performed by a very accurate practitioner and you cull the empties.

At AP we preg tested 120 head (including heifers) with only four cows empty which we are happy about considering the year and a bull injury. The cost was approx $3.50 a head. Tips: Don’t do it when it is hot, don’t stress the practitioner, workers (Carol) or cattle, test after first trimester, permanently identify any empty, and sell. Result; very fertile herd and no “free loaders”. 

Early Weaning:

As mentioned in Bull Sheet No.3 we early-weaned our C calves. This allowed our cows to get through the lean feed time at less cost and in better condition. We had the cost of supplying high quality feed (silage & some pellets)to the weaners until paddock feed was available. Our 400 day weights were very similar to the previous years’ drop. Advantages: less drought feed costs, more preg cows, weaners used to handling.

 Angus Sire: at Amberley Park

Strathewen New Dimension 7127 Z Z04 (AI) Now that’s a lot of letters after his name! we just call him Zorro. His progeny are very well ‘trait balanced’.

 Our bull line up for 2008 consists of Shorthorns, Galloways, Angus and Buchan Blacks. Performance recorded since 1965 under commercial conditions. Good genetics is like sex; “use it or lose it”.

All you have to do is define Good Genetics and how it relates to your herd, markets, environment etc.

Don’t forget our web page.                           

                                                     Mal & Carol 

Galloways – Shorthorns  – Angus Buchan Blacks



        We guarantee our cattle   

Amberley Park

Malcolm & Carol Cock

“Amberley Park”, 2620 Grand Ridge Rd., Hallston, Vic. 3953

Ph/Fax:  03 5668 5166      Mobile: 0418 316 009




              BULL SHEET                     

No.3   July 2007


Carol & I hope this letter finds you well and that you have received some good Autumn rains. For those who have suffered the fires, the drought and now floods and their continuing effects, our thoughts go to you. We are offering a two-part payment for bulls purchased to help cashflow and to keep bulls at Amberley Park until required by you.


We have been at Hallston now for 15 mths and have found the weather very similar to East Gippsland: dry! Buchan has had three times the rain we have had since we came here, although the last month has been a ‘normal’ Sth Gippsland winter. We have made very few changes here as we are familiarizing ourselves with our new home and the area, but we are missing our old friends. As with Buchan, the country side is beautiful and the people friendly or is that the other way around!


On August 22nd at 10 am at Amberley Park is a ‘workshop’ on female selection for your herd, everyone is most welcome; could you let us know if you are coming.


Amberley Park Lady McBeth at 13 years

Amberley Park Fashion at 10 years


Genetic Treasure Hunt!

We are heading for Scotland in September looking for some new Galloway genetics. In 2004 we saw some excellent cattle there and will follow up on how they have bred since.


Good $ returns from heifers:

The weight gain, carcass yield and quality of our Buchan Black and Blueroan heifers resulted in good $ returns in a difficult year. The tops: 450 – 480 kg  @ 14 mths, the later drop sold to Gippsland Natural, feedback: MSA, 225 cwt, ema: 70, fat: 9, $745 / head.


Early Weaning

Due to the dry and the change from Spring to Autumn calving, we weaned our calves early , at approx 6 mths. The calves are doing well and the cows have been maintained on much poorer feed. We will see how they have performed when we do their 400 day weights.


Web Page:

Amberley Park now has a WWW page at the above address. There is a fair bit of refining to do yet, but at least you can see the photos in colour!




A big robust bull, approx. 1300 kg with good mobility and a great temperament. He has produced a very productive line of white & soft roan bulls. His heifers are very well grown and look the part, but until they calve, they have not proven themselves.
























Breed Avg. EBVs for 2005 born Calves










  Caskieben Rocky X51


 R P 3rd Bushwacker

R P 3rd Bushwacker: a son (Yancowinna Y4) out of a Hingala 469 daughter used at AP for Angus and Buchan Blacks.

EBV Trait Leader in: 200, 400, 600 day Wt.

                                   Milk, Scrotal, days to calving,

                                   Carcass Wt, Retail Beef Yield.

Y4’s sale bulls are showing great performance. His Angus daughters are yet to prove themselves re their female traits, but are looking great.

Some of his Buchan Black daughters have been sold to Qld to be joined to Wagyu. Others were up to 480kg at 14 months sold to Gippsland Natural.


Buchan Black Bry Y44 (MW 1100 kg)

One of the sires used at AP producing Buchan Blacks

Line bred to TeMania Ragamuffin R144.

Amberley Park Easyrider W18 (MW 1000kg)                               Sire of our Galloway sale bulls. Some of his daughters have been sold to Qld & NSW.


Like everyone, Carol and I are looking forward to a good long Spring. Here at ‘Amberley Park’ Hallston, there is a very good selection of bulls available for inspection and don’t forget our two- part payment plan and free delivery within 300 klm in Victoria.

We won’t be at Hallston  for three weeks in September but give us a call and leave a number or email and we will make contact asap.

For those travelling we have a couple of spare bedrooms, good steaks and red wine.



Shorthorns – Angus –Galloways – Buchan Blacks


                                                        Newsletter                                                                                                                                                                Number 2 

    By the time everyone receives this newsletter we hope we all have received good Autumn rains, Sth Gippsland has and East is still very dry... hoping for rain! It is amazing how much the weather affects life on the farm… although I believe we have much less control with market prices.

    This newsletter was due pre Christmas but it was just as busy after the property sale as it was before! With clearing sale, selling cattle and sheep, and packing to move; after 33 years it is amazing how much stuff had been horded! 

To bring you up to date: 

  Property sold to Rob & Sam Stoney (also own Wulgulmerang Station) and have taken over as at beginning of March. Campbell & Lacretia Greig have been appointed managers. We wish them all the best with their new venture. 

  The Property name: “Amberley Park” will be travelling with Carol & I and our stud cattle to our new home  which is at Hallston ( just north of Leongatha ) address being  “Amberley Park” 2620 Grand Ridge Rd, Hallston, 3953. Phone numbers are Ph / Fax 03 5668 5166,  Mobile: 0418 316 009. 

  Our ex Buchan property is reverting back to a former name: “Kingsleigh Station.”  Our cattle are still being run there until May 25th and like everyone else looking for an Autumn break! It's looking more like a winter break!! 

  Gippsland Grazing Trials: Over the history of the Trials, our steers have won the weight gain, carcass and overall sections and are always near the top performances. Once again this year we were in the placings for weight gain & carcass yield & quality. 

  Farm World Field Days at Warragul are held each year at Lardner Park, if you haven’t been, allow a day to have a look. While you are there call into our site (A11) in the middle of the cattle section for a cuppa or cool drink, rest your tired feet and have a chat; it will be good to catch up.



Amberley Park Harpoon W31; sire of our current sale Shorthorn bulls. His heifers are also a top line.


King Island:

  I have recently returned from judging the prime carcass competition on King Island and would like to thank the King Island Show Society for inviting me to judge.. It was easy to see why King Island Beef has such a good reputation: Grows high quality feed all year round, mild climate, local meat works so stock only have short travel time to the works and most are sold direct to the works. MSA ideal!



                            Amberley Park Powerhouse X27 on Paul & Julie Gardiner's King Island  farm.

  I would like to especially thank Ian Lester and Denise O’Keefe  for their kind hospitality and those others who took their time to show me their cattle and farms. A common comment was; “Its normally not this dry” !! My reply being; “you don’t know what dry is”  for there was still plenty of green feed around except on the sand dunes!


Mountain Calf Sales:             

  Having missed last year's sales I was looking to being there this year, but alas; I was back on crutches again! So missed the best line up of weaners you would see anywhere in the world. I still don't know how they do it up there, while still recovering from the fires and a sudden end to the season, and now dry & cold.

Congratulations to all our clients. If you haven't been to the mountain sales give us a call next Feb  to arrange         travelling together.


Galloway Sale Bulls:

  Amberley Park Z bulls are sired by Diamond B Legacy (CDN) by AI & Amberley Park Billabong V18.

First progeny in Australia by Legacy. AP has already used a son last year.

Buchan Black Sale Bulls:

  Amberley Park Maximus (Hazeldean blood), Amberley Park Master (Te Mania blood) and Buchan Black Sitting Bull W6. These sires have produced a good range of bulls to choose from to suit  what ever breeding program and market is the target.

Shorthorn Sale Bulls:

All our Roan bulls are sold and only a few good White bulls available.

                                  Diamond B Legacy (Canada) : AI Galloway Sire (AI) of Z Bulls at Amberley Park

Amberley Park Galloway Herd reduction:

When we sold our home of 33 years I didn't realise how hard it was going to be to part with ¾ of the Galloway Herd. It helped that the cattle went to beef producers  in 3 states who will let them do what they do best: produce prime beef & breeders efficently. Thankyou.


Hope to see you at our new home: Amberley Park,  Hallston,   Mal & Carol Cock